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Wireless Ethernet

Fast & Reliable Wireless Ethernet

Rojan Australia can provide reliable business grade Wireless Ethernet links from 1Mbs to 100Mb with a guaranteed SLA for critical business needs where Metro Ethernet or other services are not available. Wireless Ethernet links should be incorporated as part of your network redundancy.

The service is a dedicated 1:1 contention from your office to one of the POPs in either Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane.


Available in selected regional and rural areas
subject to site survey qualification


1Mbs to 100Mbs+

Key Features & Benefits

  • High Security Private Network
  • Solve tricky network topology issues fast
  • Easily connect multiple locations
  • Less overhead if using traditional VPN to connect offices together
  • High performance business grade network.
  • Customers select their own IP address scheme for the network
  • Your private IP VPN is managed completely by Rojan as well as the CPE
  • Redundant links available for disaster recovery scenarios

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